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3550 Mullan Rd Suite 102
Missoula, Mt, 59808
United States

(406) 549-5771

Rogers & Co. fine jewelry and design, formerly known as Chalet Jewelers, has been Montana's locally owned family jeweler since 1977. Rogers & Co. is a second generation, full service jeweler specializing in affordable custom jewelry design, unique & exceptional engagement rings, the rare Montana Yogo Sapphire, and quality jewelry repair.

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry repair


If you have a piece of jewelry that is of great value to you - be it monetary or sentimental -finding the right jeweler to fix it for you is very important.

ROGERS & CO. is the jeweler for you!

From the most complicated restoration, to a simple cleaning, ROGERS & CO. has the reputation for having the highest quality jewelry repairs and craftsmanship in the Northwest.


Top reasons to choose Rogers & Co. for jewelry repair:

#1 Our jewelers work under a microscope

All of our jeweler's benches are equipped with the industry's most advanced microscopic technology. We ensure that the very small & dainty details - that you can't see with your naked eye- are perfect.

You will have the opportunity to see your piece under the microscope when you drop it off for repair, and again when you pick your piece up, after the repair is finished.

#2 We provide a firm repair estimate for work that needs to be done

Our jewelry specialists give a specific estimated break-down for repairs and we stick to our quote. We offer before and after images of your piece. All repairs have a one-year guarantee on the work that was done.

#3 We have access to a laser welder

We are more efficient with time and materials using a cutting edge laser welder. This means better quality and less costly repairs.

#4 We are honest & trustworthy

Our bench jewelers have over 150 years of combined experience on the job. We have the experience to work on even the most daunting projects.

ROGERS & CO. is a place for artists & craftsmen - not salespeople. We don't sell you on fixes you don't need or guarantees you shouldn't have to pay for.

We know we're one of the best - and most trustworthy - places to bring your jewelry repair, and we look forward to working with you!"

Our jewelers have more than 150 years worth of collective experience in the jewelry business.

Our jewelers have more than 150 years worth of collective experience in the jewelry business.

ROGERS & CO. jewelers have impeccable reputations. 

ROGERS & CO. jewelers have impeccable reputations.