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3550 Mullan Rd Suite 102
Missoula, Mt, 59808
United States

(406) 549-5771

Rogers & Co. fine jewelry and design, formerly known as Chalet Jewelers, has been Montana's locally owned family jeweler since 1977. Rogers & Co. is a second generation, full service jeweler specializing in affordable custom jewelry design, unique & exceptional engagement rings, the rare Montana Yogo Sapphire, and quality jewelry repair.

Montana Yogo Sapphire Rings

Montana Yogo Sapphire Rings

The Story Behind That Addictive Blue

The Montana “Yogo” sapphire is a specialty at ROGERS & CO. They are the only sapphire of its kind and quality in the world. Found only in central Montana in the Little Belt Mountains near Lewistown, the majority of Yogo sapphires come in a gorgeous, vivid blue color, with a small percentage in a beautiful lavender color. Because of the Yogo sapphire’s intense natural color, they never require heat treatment to enhance the color. The Yogo sapphire crystals are typically very small and very flat and large stones of gemstone quality are very rare. This is what makes them unique and valuable!

We are proud to say that we have access to the most premier Yogo sapphire collection on the planet!