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3550 Mullan Rd Suite 102
Missoula, Mt, 59808
United States

(406) 549-5771

Rogers & Co. fine jewelry and design, formerly known as Chalet Jewelers, has been Montana's locally owned family jeweler since 1977. Rogers & Co. is a second generation, full service jeweler specializing in affordable custom jewelry design, unique & exceptional engagement rings, the rare Montana Yogo Sapphire, and quality jewelry repair.

Wedding Bands


Remember the moment, always with a fine diamond from Rogers & Co. Choose from our Red Box Diamonds, our Crisscut emerald-cut diamond or our new Riente Diamonds.


Red Box Diamonds

Red Box Diamonds from Rogers & Co. are hand selected and individually graded diamonds of the finest quality. We offer:

Accurate Grading

Every Red Box Diamond from Rogers & Co. comes with a grading report from an independent lab or our team of GIA and AGS trained experts.

Unique Identifier

For proof of positive identification, each Red Box Diamond from Rogers & Co. is laser inscribed with the unique number on its grading report.

Trade Up Program

When you purchase a Red Box Diamond from Rogers & Co. you will receive full credit for your Red Box Diamond when you trade it up for a higher priced diamond.

Loss Protection

Each Red Box Diamond from Rogers & Co. comes with 1-year complimentary insurance through GemShield®. The coverage offers immediate protection against loss, theft, or damage.

Crisscut Diamond.jpg

Crisscut Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Our Crisscut emerald-cut diamond has 77 facets to optimize brilliance and fire. This creates a "face up" appearance two grades higher than the stone's actual color grade. While standard 46-facet emerald-cut stones have gray areas that dull brilliance, Crisscut's extra facets can mask imperfections. You'll enjoy a stone that appears whiter and cleaner while only paying for its actual color and clarity.

Generic Emerald - 46 Facets

Generic Emerald - 46 Facets

Crisscut® Emerald – 77 Facets

Crisscut® Emerald – 77 Facets


Riente Diamonds

Discover the brilliance of our exclusive Riente Diamonds, featuring a 74-facet cut scientifically designed to maximize light performance.

Brilliance and fire create a diamond’s magic. Our new Riente Diamonds round brilliant diamond has more facets for more brilliance. While a standard round brilliant diamond has 58 facets, this diamond's unique design has 74 light-dispersing facets you can see. This creates infinitely more brilliance and scintillation.

Each of our Riente Diamonds come with an OGI Firetrace® card to demonstrate its excellent light performance. Like the Crisscut diamonds, and like all our Red Box Diamonds®, each of the Riente Diamonds is laser inscribed with a unique number that matches its accompanying EGL report.